At long last there is a beta3 available! There is a source package available and binaries for various platforms will be arriving soon. The user API (how you write your tests, mocks, expectations and constraints) is now stable and no changes are expected. The latest addition is a mechanism to discover calls to mocked functions so creating initial pinning tests will be easier. We'll tell you more about that later!

Cgreen has been around for many years. Marcus Baker started this project already back in 2006. 6 years and some substantial improvements later it is finally coming out of the shadows!

The syntax for tests, mocks and constraints have now been set and thorougly road tested with very pleasing results. So in the very near future the beta 3 version will be released to the public.

This web site is part of this growing up, and you will see files showing up on as we get closer to the great 1.0 release.